82nd Airborne Museum Exhibit

82nd Airborne Museum Exhibit

Year: 2015
Client: U.S. Army Center of Military History (CHM)
Size: 5,673 sf2
Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Status: CA
Project Leader: Jonathan Marcantel
Team: The Art Department, YKM Consulting, Lighting & Electrical Associates, Inc., Mayer Building Company

Since being awarded the project in 2014 we have listened and responded to the CHM’s concerns and have worked hard with the museum curator, consultants, and military community to completely reinvent the design for the new 82nd Airborne Museum.

Ideas of time and reflection informed the design of the new 82nd Airborne Division Museum. The museum’s mission is to exhibit and interpret the 82d Division’s history and accomplishments. Within the confines of the limited spatial conditions, 1523 items, images, artifacts and accompanying descriptions of each are exhibited. Over 98 years of “All American” history are revealed in the space, separated by 13 defining moments in time. Although civilians are welcome to visit the 82nd Airborne Division Museum, it was, unlike most military history museums, designed specifically for the military community. The typical linear progression through a museum organized by date was restructured. We created a museum which allows visitors to experience the 82nd Airborne’s history and accomplishments in multiple different ways.


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